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Min wage RM3000 / Gaji minimum RM 3000
Visvanathan Visvanathan · Penang, MY

Min wage RM3000 / Gaji minimum RM 3000
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Dear Ministers,

Min wage has only increased approx. 36% during the last 20 years.
Goods and other necessities for living have increased approx. 137.42%.

With min wage of RM1100,
-Can we have savings?
-Can we buy insurance?
-Can we buy a house?
We are forced to work for extra hours or to have extra jobs to survive. Both husbands and wives are working….no time to attend to their children’s needs; parents cannot afford to send them to extra-tuitions.
‘Rumah cost rendah’ is also not affordable. Have we become ‘orang rendah’ in our own country?
Are we ‘pemalas’?
More than 200,000 rakyat’s are working part-time as E-hailing drivers, before and after their full time jobs……
More than 400,000 rakyat’s crossing the border to Singapore and work there for 14 to 18 hours a day, every day.
Thousands are leaving Malaysia to work illegally in overseas….
Foreign investors will take 50% or more shares and requires laborers on min wages of RM1100…
In order to solve this, you will hire more foreign workers. How is this ever going to help our economy when more than 50% of revenues are leaving Malaysia?

What is the future of Malaysia?
Ministers… you are in a dilemma;
You are not prepared for a weak economy.
You were not given a proper transition to see things in an orderly manner when you came into power. We are all aware of the damage previously done. Reviving sluggish Economy is not your forte;

You need HELP.

Branding is a strategy used by developed countries to have a sustainable and stable economy. Branding helps companies to generate billions. Branding is not just about logos, colors, and qualities or pricing. Malaysian business branding strategy has been the same for the last 30 years.

My name is J. Visva, Malaysian from Penang.
Economy Strategist and a Branding Consultant.

I have the experience and the knowledge to direct and execute marketing strategies for branding, enabling promising economic development.

-What makes 100 years old company (COKE) to be always, No1 Company in the world?
-How are international franchises able to sell coffee 10 times more than its value?
-Why are international franchises more successful in Malaysia compared to our local businesses?
-Why is the Singapore economy 10 times better than Malaysia?

It took me 20 years to design a business blueprint, suitable for our economy.

This blue print is equivalent to the world’s top companies “Branding marketing strategies”. I have tried to contact all the relevant government authorities to meet and discuss for the last 7 years.

I will need 2 hours to explain how with
RM2 Million, we can;
1- Generate RM200 millions monthly
2- Create millions of job opportunities with minimum wage of RM3000 monthly.
3- Promote local products internationally
4- Establish companies that is recognized internationally
RM1100 min wage will never help Malaysia become the Asian Tiger.
6 May 2019



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Letter to
Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir

Min wage RM3000


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Visvanathan start this petition
2 years ago


Khairunnisa Sali
Khairunnisa Sali

Because I’m supporting the min 3000 wage.


give him a chance to proove it. no harm at all

Izzat Husni Bin Kamarulzaman
Izzat Husni Bin Kamarulzaman

Let his idea n voices to be heard ! This min wage RM3000 is a must n have to realise now without hesitation!


I’m agreed with this ideas and facts about what you says


The living cost in Malaysia is getting higher but salary still remain unchanged.


I care


Capitalism sucks!


To let the boss know its now cheap to become a boss.


We need to rebranding Malaysia to next level. We are all stagnant now.

Adrian dean thomas Jimulis
Adrian dean thomas Jimulis

I support this

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